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For a small island, Britain offers a wealth of learning opportunities. Here we highlight just a few of the UK school trips we can plan for your school trip throughout Britain.
For cultural and language trips we also offer trips throughout Europe.

For such a small island Britain offers so much for a school trip. It is a country, or rather comprises of four countries England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland rich in history with contrasting countryside that never ceases to surprise or delight the visitor.


UK School Trips

From the glorious golden beaches of Cornwall and Devon to the magical mountains of Wales and Scotland, and the breathtaking lakes and fells of the Lake District we certainly have a rich and diverse landscape that never disappoints and offers up a wealth of ideas for your next UK school trip. The castles and historic houses that sprinkle the land tell stories of times gone by and back further still the land is marked by those that lived in ancient Britain from the Stone age, Viking and Roman invasions the land has so many stories to tell.

European School Trips

We believe that every child should learn about the history, diversity and beauty of their own country but for those that want to venture further we offer specialist trip to some of the finest destinations in Europe too!

The Best Range of School Trips Online!

We believe that every child should know their country and offer a wealth of places to visit  that will bring learning outside the classroom to life.  Students from overseas will enjoy unique experiences and an understanding of what makes Britain ‘great’.  School Trips UK provide tailor made school visits for students of all ages. Bring learning to life and let us help you give your students a unique experience which they will remember all their lives.












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