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Travel advice and tips for your school trip to the UK or Europe

School Trip Advice from School Trips UK


It is essential to communicate with parents right from the beginning of planning a trip about the reason for the trip, cost and dates.  Mobiles and emails are the best way of keeping in touch with parents, and with the various platforms now available, emails can be sent quickly to all parents.  Also, prepare posters to promote your proposed trip.


Check that your pupils and their parents know the boundaries for behaviour and consequently what is expected of them during the trip.

Ojectives of the Trip

Before any decisions are made, it is important to consider the learning objectives of the trip: what the organisers hope it will achieve, what the benefits are for students, and also how they can be incorporated into lesson plans.

Health & Safety

You should have the required risk assessments for both accommodation, museums and other attractions.  We will provide them for you.

Lesson Plans

Prepare lessons in the classroom which will enhance your school trip both prior to the trip and post trip.

school trip advice


Allow for sufficient travelling time and don’t expect to pack in too much in one day.  Remember that coach drivers have strict driving hours and regular breaks they must adhere to. We will provide an itinerary to take this into account.


Make sure that you are clear on what elements of your trip are covered so that there are no unexpected hidden costs. Offer your parents the option of paying for the trip monthly to help the family budget. Provide them with a budget planner, equipment and clothing list so they are informed as to what their child is required to take.

First Aid

Have a member of staff who is responsible for first aid or if a child is sick on the trip and can’t participate.

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